Sunday, December 1, 2013

We watched a parade that was going through the small town main street. The crowd was gathered along admiring a few floats and antique cars. That was no multimillion dollar display but everything was done and prepared with taste and scale to the mean of the town. The parade was winding down , my friends and I started to get thirsty for more of that great white wine. There was no easy way to reach the wine fountains since the crowd was still packed along side the streets. We decided to follow the tail end of the parade and get off to the nearest dispensing stand.
We were painstakingly walking through the crowd and suddenly I felt something tapping on my shoulder. Thinking I stepped on somebody's foot or aggravated a grouchy spectator, I turned around slowly when to my surprise ......... To be continued.......

Today at the shop:

Well, it's way too long since I've posted anything here so here is a little continuation of the crazy busy years at the shop.

As time passes by, I'm growing into someone that wants to explore and express my creativity in more than signage. As a former electrical engineer, I've always had a fascination for lighting. I still remember as a teenager playing with old car's electrical circuit consoles and rewiring them to get the different lights on them to shine. I graduated later in using power from an electrical socket (which is 220V in France) and getting countless shocks from my crazy experiments. Thinking back, I guess I'm lucky to still be alive today to write about it, 220V does give you a good little jolt !
I've always loved mixing materials like wood and metal and also re-purposing. The first attempt  was to create something unique that fits the idea of creativity, salvaging and antiques.....Steampunk !
Below is my first piece that is also for sale on

A Steampunk lamp made from re-purposed materials

What do you think ?

In the next post, I will reveal some other prototypes I've been working on and will describe.

Until then, so long.