Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A rocky 2013 has ended and we hope for a better 2014

Some years are better than others for business and health but unfortunately, just like a wine or cheese, you'll never know ahead of time which way it will go.

To provide a little recap on what 2013 has been for us here, I will have to start with myself and rupturing my left Achilles at the beginning of February. You'll be asking "How did you do that ?". Well, for the ones that read this and had it happen to them, it can come from several causes like sports injuries, yoga, a bad falls or even jumping from too high of a flight of steps to pick up a ringing phone !...Now you got it....

It was definitely a strange sensation. After I picked myself up from the shop floor, I could feel my left foot could not move upward anymore and I had to walk "flat footed" to avoid any kind of flexing movement from it. Surprised that I did not feel any pain, still I knew something was wrong and decided to go back to the foot doctor that treated the year before my tendinitis. When he saw me, he said "okay, what have you done now !". I explained the whole thing (a little embarrassed needless to say). I laid on the exam table, he touched the back of my foot and shocked his head.... Never and encouraging sign when a doctor does that.....

"Well, it looks like you did it this time, your tendon is ruptured"

Thank goodness I was laying on the table. He continued by saying "you can't stay like this, the tendon will not re-weld itself, it will require surgery to fix it" SURGERY !!!
As one that never had to go to an hospital for anything, I have to say that I was in a panic mode when he added "you will be with crutches for about 3 months after the surgery and might need therapy..." My throat was getting tighter and tighter at the every words he was adding in this nightmarish situation.

"What am I  going to do with my sign shop ?... I have to be on my feet at least 10 hours a day working there"

Doctor did not have to say anything, I knew it was either getting that foot fixed up or be handicapped for the rest of my life. I chose the wise path and we scheduled the surgery one week after the visit....

To be continued .....

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