Thursday, January 14, 2010

As a single guy, a bunch of friends and I decided to take the trip and go taste some free white wine that was offered at the harvest celebration ( in Barr).
After what seemed an eternity riding in that teeth shaking bus, we made it to our destination only (5 hours ! not good...). The village was ready for partying. Colorful banners, display stands, music, smell of good food cooking all over and above all a beautiful medieval town that made it through 4 or 5 hundred years of history.
We all beamed out of the bus ready to go have a good time. And we did, the wine sampling was free, a lot of pretty girls around, great food.It was all there. ...........To be continued...........

Today at the shop:

We never expected when we first started the sign shop that people would buy signs for Christmas but they did and truly caught us by surprise. Now we are more prepared than 3 years ago but still after the rush and madness of that crazy holiday time, the shop is really in total chaos. So today I'm starting a clean up session along with a brainstorming on laying out the office/studio space on the shop's second floor....Where all important high level corporate decisions are made :-).
The issue we have is that we have plenty of space in the studio but not enough on the production floor. The challenge is to re-balance the use and purpose of each section to make maximum use of the space.

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